2. Springtime at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. 

    Photo by @bonnie_g via Instagram.

  3. Fact: Amicalola Falls (located in Dawsonville, Georgia) is the tallest cascading waterfall in the southeast! Photo by @arsjeep via Instagram.

  4. 70 places to kayak in Georgia.

    Pictured: Cockspur Island
    [Photo Credit: Coastal Georgia Photography via Flickr]

  5. Daffodils at Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, Georgia.

  6. Vivien Leigh behind the scenes of Gone With the Wind.

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  7. Tybee Island, Georgia.

    Photo by @harryo97 via Instagram.

  8. atlantahistorycenter:

    April 2014 marks the 150th anniversary of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman’s 1864 march into Georgia.  Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Atlanta History Center are commemorating this event with the launch of a new original series, “37 Weeks: Sherman on the March.”

    Each of the 90-second  “37 Weeks” segments will air multiple times on GPB’s television and radio platforms during the week paralleling the same week in Shermanʼs campaign and tell a story that brings an understanding to the human dimension of war. What did it feel like when Shermanʼs army - 100 thousand strong - was bearing down on your city? What was motivating Shermanʼs fateful decisions? What was it like for the foot solider on either side of the battlefield? What were some of those twists of fate or ironic moments that war inevitably produces? These are among the stories “37 Weeks” will explore.

  9. Sunny day in Athens, Georgia.

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  10. Here is a list of 140 things to do in Savannah


    What is there to do in Savannah Georgia help